The Realization

Well, my laptop is purchased, my need-to-purchase list is shrinking, and my friends are already leaving. The latter is what is beginning to get to me. Some friends have already left for the Merchant Marine Academy, another leaves for Miami, and still another travels halfway around our planet to Germany. No longer is college merely something of the future; it has become something of the now. And that’s the scariest thing. 

I mean… we’re going somewhere foreign, somewhere where the food isn’t the norm anymore, where I have no clue about where anything is, no idea about who anyone is, and for the first time in awhile I’ve realized that I don’t even really know who I am. And so I rush to figure it all out by asking those silly ambiguous questions that I doubt even the greatest of philosophers couldn’t figure out entirely (sorry Aristotle): Who am I? What are my core values? Where do I come from? What is my purpose in life? 

And, of course, I end up a confused and stressed mess of a young lady who no longer knows which way is up. 

That’s one glorious realization I’ve made so far in the college process; don’t think too much, just do. 

Last week, I went to an adventure camp where we had to jump off a 30ft drop for a zipline. And it’s scary business. Fun business, but scary business. And I remind myself to just run and jump; the people who clipped me in to the safety harness know what they’re doing, and I’m not going to die, so I might as well enjoy the rush I feel–the tantalizing zing of the line–as I race down the track… and such is the notion of college. I am not going to die (although, college is a neat thing and can sometimes insinuate the beginning of a world-ending apocalypse) and I trust that my parents and myself have set myself down the right path. So I’m going to enjoy that zing as I launch myself from this 30ft drop. I’m going to enjoy my friends, the clubs, the sports, the food, and probably enjoy a little of the studying. 

Why? Because no matter what happens from here on out… It’s going to be alright; It’s A Pretty Great Life.