Strange Feels

Tonight, about 40% of the moon isn’t visible. Tonight, about 40% of my summer is left. Tonight, there’s only 15 more days till college. 

It’s ludicrous to think that in about two weeks, I’ll be separated from everything I know and thrown into a world I know nothing about. 

Countless others before me have ventured into the realm beyond home and towards college… I am simply another individual following in their footsteps. And yet, I have so many doubts and worries that swirl around my head and cloud my excitement. There’s no word to describe how I’m feeling, either. So crazy is the right word for it. 

On a lighter note, I waxed my arms for the first time today! They weren’t super hairy or anything; I just wanted to try waxing. My mom always makes it sound so painful (though I don’t know if she’s ever had it done before). It actually wasn’t at all. I bought the Sally Hansen body wax and everything went well. My arms are so soft… 

I also had Burger King twice today and two McDonald’s french fries. I accomplished so much today! I’m just practicing for the freshman fifteen. 

It’s 12:06 right now, and I’m becoming slightly fatigued… I’m going to call it a day. A pretty great day… in fact, It’s A Pretty Great Life. 


– Callie 


PS – this is probably going to log under August 7, 2014, but really, I am writing for August 6, 2014. 


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