(Finally) Settled In!

Wow! 13 days shy of a month that I haven’t been on here. I guess college really doesn’t leave you with much free time at all… And the free time that you DO have is usually spent with friends. Needless to say, I’ve made a few, and I’ve also gotten better at talking to people, so I’m not such an awkward apple anymore. Yay! I’m really starting to enjoy math (but I really always have) and classes are a lot different than I expected them to be.

I already have four tests (one for each of my classes) next week, a paper due this week, and another one that a girl Caroline told me about today in the hall. Things are really starting to pick up, and what frustrates me is that the more you’re involved in college, the more your social life picks up, too; it’s like they’re codependent. When I have nothing to do, none of my friends can do anything, so I usually sit and mill around on Facebook and text them, but when I have a shit ton of homework to do, there’s Salsa Dancing, Zumba, lunch to be had…

Speaking of salsa dancing, I went last night with my roommate and it’s a blast! I was really skeptical at first, but I’m SO glad I went. There are so many good dancers there, but there’s also totally weird dancers like me, and everyone just goes and pays $5 and has a good ass time no matter what.

I have to go get my laundry soon… I complain about it, but there’s something strangely rewarding about doing your own laundry! And doing it right, too! Some people don’t know their darks from their lights and some of my girlfriends didn’t have lingerie bags!

I don’t have any classes tomorrow (Thursday) so I am free to do whatever I darn well please tonight. In terms of staying up late, that is. My roommate is sleeping, though, so I’m trying to be quiet. Also, my roommate’s name is Abbey, so that I can just call her by her actual name, and she’s super cool! Our schedules conflict sometimes because she’s on track and they have practice and weights and team dinners and such, but I’m glad that she and I don’t have some of the drama that the other girls have. Really, it’s been quite childish from what I’ve heard. Girls locking other girls out of bathrooms, girls complaining about another girl’s unfair treatment of her… I mean, I’m all for complaining, but complain to your roommate in a mature fashion–we’re all adults here–and I’m sure things will be resolved.

I finally started taking my ADD medicine again (after much inner turmoil) and it’s been a good change so far. I was actually able to focus today, which was so great, and really necessary considering the amount of homework and stuff that I need to do.


Well, the laundry should be done by now, and even though I have tomorrow off, there are still things to be done in this Pretty Great Life.




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