Two Candles

I just lit two candles in my room. They’re the tiny kind that you put in the jack-o-lanterns on Halloween.

My parents are fighting downstairs. It probably has something to do with my brother getting a haircut. And by haircut, I mean shaving half of his head and getting a blonde stripe dyed in on the other side. I don’t know. I think it looks pretty cool.

Both the candles are about to go out. Their wicks aren’t very long, so the only flame they can bear is the little blue part. You know, the hottest part. There’s still a little bit of orange at the tip, though. Kinda looks like a short mountain, but instead of snow, there’s the orange flame.

I’ve never really heard my mom yell, but she just did. Something about “not giving someone satisfaction.” Something about making my brother’s lunch tonight. You know, because he’s 15 and can’t do that on his own. Maybe his haircut means he’s mentally retarded or something to them.

I wonder how long these candles will take to burn out? I mean, the packaging said something hopeful about 12+ hours, but that’s all marketing, right? It’s not like you can really validate it until you buy it.

My parents tell me that I’m not allowed to have candles in my room. Well, mainly my mom. She sees them sitting on my desk with their black wicks and tells me not to burn them in my room. Kinda like how she tells me not to paint my nails in my room when she sees the nail polish bottles out.

I might just blow these candles out. They’re not really serving any purpose. The idea of them is nice, I guess, but they don’t even smell or anything, and I’m typing on my laptop, anyways, so I don’t really need them.

I closed my door. Mainly so that if my parents were to come up and say hi to me, they’d see it closed. Hopefully they’d think I’m naked or something and knock so I’ll have time to blow the candles out. You know, so my mom can have peace-of-mind knowing that I’m not gonna burn the house down or whatever.

I keep looking at the candles. I haven’t blown them out or anything yet. I don’t know why I keep looking at them, as if they might be burning my dresser secretly behind my back or something. Like they’re playing some kind of pyromaniac game of Red Light, Green Light.

It’s also closed so I can’t hear what they’re saying.

Is there really any point of blowing the candles out? They’re not hurting anything. But, on the other hand, they’re entirely pointless.

My mom bought me peanut butter Oreos today. I wanted them last week and my dad couldn’t find them in the store because they didn’t have them there.

I just remembered that I have another candle in a glass jar that burns pretty well. The only problem is that it’s a pain in the ass to light without incinerating your finger.

I don’t really want an Oreo right now.

Well the candle in the jar was a rip. I lit it with the purple lighter my mom took from me about a year ago (she forgot about it and I took it from the drawer that she hid it in. She hasn’t noticed, or at least hasn’t mentioned anything about it. We fought about it at the time). Anyways the candle completely extinguished in under a few seconds.

I’m sure I’ll want one eventually. Especially with a glass of milk.

I did find another tiny candle similar to the last one in there, though, and it burns a lot brighter than the other two. It’s flame is more orange with no blue. Just kidding I looked again and there’s a little bit of blue at the bottom. I blew the other two candles out.

I bet if I turned off my laptop Pandora that I could hear what my parents are saying.

I tried again to light the candle in the jar with the purple lighter but no such luck. This time, the wick just turned a little orange, and died, as if it had even less life in it the second time. I also made a bunch of black stuff on the jar with the candle flame and now it just looks plain gross.

I hate this song, actually.

The only candle burning right now is the little tiny one that I found in the jar. I was gonna put the other two away, but I was scared they’d be too hot.

It’s taking forever to thumbs-down this song. I’m just gonna refresh the whole damn page.

They’re probably not hot anymore so I’m gonna put them away and throw the glass jar in the trash.

I had a dream last night that I was trying to make pizza and couldn’t because my friend was being deported to Iraq. I fell in love with a kid that I saw at a bar a few nights ago.

I threw away the jar candle. It’s trash anyways cause all the wax from the candle overflowed and filled the jar.

I can’t hear them saying much, anymore. I really like this song.


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